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FDA & GTU -CCE online Interior Design Course.

The Flagship Design Academy offers a comprehensive online interior design certificate program, taught by experienced faculty over 1 year with 9 detailed modules. Graduates earn a certificate from Gujarat Technological University (GTU-CCE), accredited with an A+ grade by NAAC, and receive personalized support.

The academy also provides a variety of other courses covering different design disciplines, such as Bedding in Interior Design, Software Learning, and Bedroom Furnishing in Interior Design, allowing students to further enhance their skills and knowledge.

Embark on your design journey with Flagship Design Academy’s quality education and extensive programs designed to help you excel in the field.

Flagship Design Academy

Are you aspiring to become a professional interior designer or need industry knowledge for your current job? Flagship Design Academy's "Professional Certificate in Interior Design" program, accredited by Gujarat Technological University (GTU-CCE) with an A+ grade by NAAC, offers everything you need. This comprehensive program covers interior design principles and essential technical skills, preparing you for the growing demand in the real estate and infrastructure sectors.

In addition to the certificate program, the academy offers a diverse array of courses in areas like Bedding in Interior Design, Software Learning, and Bedroom Furnishing in Interior Design, catering to various interests and career goals. Whether you're aiming to advance in the design industry or transition into a new career, Flagship Design Academy's programs are designed to empower you, welcoming all enthusiasts regardless of prior experience or degree.

Certificate from GTU-CCE- FDA

The "Professional Certificate in Interior Design" program by Flagship Design Academy (FDA) is approved by Gujarat Technological University - Center for Continuing Education (GTU-CCE). Graduates receive certificates from both GTU and FDA, ensuring prestigious and industry-recognized validation.

FDA also offers various other design courses, with certificates issued directly by FDA upon completion. This dual certification approach guarantees comprehensive education and official recognition, empowering students for success in the dynamic design field. Embark on your educational journey with FDA, confident that your achievements will be acknowledged and valued.

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