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Course Duration: 12 Months

Course Fees: 29,999 INR

Program Overview

Gujarat Technological University & Flagship Design Academy (GTU-FDA) is offering a "Professional Certificate course in Interior Design" Under Center for Continuing Education (CCE) of GTU.

Programme Overview: Gujarat Technological University and Flagship Design Academy offer a "Professional Certificate in Interior Design" under the Center for Continuing Education (CCE). This comprehensive program equips students with the essential knowledge and technical skills required to excel as professional interior designers.

Importance of the Programme: Interior designers enhance spaces, making homes, offices, and commercial areas more efficient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. They are experts in optimizing space usage, lighting, color, textures, and fixtures, significantly improving people's lives. The growing real estate and infrastructure sectors demand highly skilled interior designers, making this program essential for career advancement.

Aim of the Programme: The aim is to produce industry-ready interior designers who can meet the high demand in the booming infrastructure sector. The program prepares students to become not only skilled designers but also future interior design entrepreneurs.

Outcome of the Programme: Graduates will be equipped to meet the market demand for skilled and up-to-date interior designers. The flexible online format allows a diverse range of students, including those with no prior experience, to pursue a lucrative career in interior design.

Who Should Join: This course is ideal for students, housewives, working professionals, remote learners, aspiring business owners in the interior design field, and those with a passion for design. No prior degree or experience is required.

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How to Study "Flagship Design Academy's" online "Professional Certificate in Interior design" programme ?

  • Secure unique student login with enrollment number as ID and Password
  • Task and assignment student do at own space, They can Submit/upload each and every task in form of pdf,jpg,audio,video and other known format as per task and assignment requirement
  • Each task has all details understanding supported method audio video explanation links, student can easily understand and complete task and assignment as per guided
  • Complete course is divided in 9 modules.
  • Every modules is with time duration ex. Module 1 - Duration 1 month.
  • Task comes step by step in each module student once complete Task-1 in particular module, after successful in the task they can participate into next Task.
  • Every modules are combination of theory and practical task. Online method for this programme is very simple and guided, Practical and Task are designed like student are doing this course in one to one manners where student can feel they are learning in classroom.
  • Course Progress tracking - Each and Every task has MCQ/Detail Q & A Google form modes, Academy faculty evolutes the task and give suitable grades in points
  • This programme is not only theoretical but also real life experience practical training education method.
  • live project included Residential Interior design , Commercial Interior design and Restaurant and Cafe Interior design from start to finish.


Certificate from GTU-CCE- FDA

The "Professional Certificate in Interior Design" program by Flagship Design Academy (FDA) is approved by Gujarat Technological University - Center for Continuing Education (GTU-CCE). Graduates receive certificates from both GTU and FDA, ensuring prestigious and industry-recognized validation.

FDA also offers various other design courses, with certificates issued directly by FDA upon completion. This dual certification approach guarantees comprehensive education and official recognition, empowering students for success in the dynamic design field. Embark on your educational journey with FDA, confident that your achievements will be acknowledged and valued.