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Program Overview

Role of an interior designer is to make their interior like a client’s personal choice. Reflection of their attitude, lifestyle and culture makes them happier. To complete the bedroom interior, Bedding is one of the most important parts of the interior. Humans need more than 8 hours of rest at night and happiness comes through the best environment and interior. The bedroom bed is the heart of the room. To well furnish and well presentation values the room. Blending the bedding concept with the bedroom interior is one of the interesting and important for Interior Designers.

Type of room concept, colour combination of furniture, wall and ceiling colour's, and source of natural and artificial light is important to decide the bedding concept. For designing or selecting bedding products interior designers should know about the type of fabric, stitches and many more. This course will help interior designers make their own creative bedding set.

Bedding plays a crucial role in interior design as it can significantly impact the overall look and feel of a bedroom.

selecting bedding involves a thoughtful consideration of the practical needs and personal preferences of the occupants, along with the climate and seasonal changes. Layering, material selection, and design elements are all interconnected and contribute to creating a comfortable and visually pleasing sleeping environment.


The online course on bedding within the field of interior design is organized into three distinct modules, each spanning a duration of one month. Every module is enriched with a comprehensive collection of learning resources including PDF documents, instructional videos, and practical assignments. Throughout the course, participants are required to submit their completed tasks in accordance with the provided guidelines. Upon the culmination of the three modules, a final examination is administered. Successful completion of this exam leads to the conferment of a certificate awarded by the "FDA," signifying the fulfillment of the course requirements and a proficient understanding of the subject matter. This course structure offers a methodical and well-rounded approach to comprehending the intricate relationship between bedding and interior design.



Certificate from GTU-CCE- FDA

The "Professional Certificate in Interior Design" program offered by Flagship Design Academy (FDA) has received approval from the Gujarat Technological University - Center for Continuing Education (GTU-CCE). Upon successfully completing this program, participants will receive a certificate issued by GTU and FDA.

But that's not all! FDA offers a diverse range of courses, and upon completing these courses, participants will also receive certificates directly issued by FDA.

This collaborative certification approach ensures that course pursued students not only receive recognition from a prestigious educational institution like GTU but also gain industry-recognized validation from FDA. Whether you're pursuing the "Professional Certificate in Interior Design" or exploring other design-related courses, FDA is committed to providing you with comprehensive education and official recognition for your achievements.

Embark on your educational journey with confidence, knowing that your efforts will be acknowledged by the FDA, setting you on a path of success in the dynamic field of design.