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Course Duration: 3 Months

Course Fees: 6000/- INR

Program Overview


The significance of a dedicated textile and fabric course in the context of design education is paramount. Textiles and fabrics stand as foundational elements within the realm of interior design, functioning as the tactile and visual bedrock that transforms spaces into captivating, utilitarian, and aesthetically pleasing environments.

This course holds immense importance for several reasons. It imparts fundamental knowledge about the properties, characteristics, and applications of textiles, enabling designers to

create harmonious and cohesive design compositions. By delving into the versatile realm of textiles, students gain a profound understanding of the diverse design expressions achievable through colors, patterns, textures, and materials. Moreover, the course emphasizes the pivotal role textiles play in shaping the aesthetic impact of a space, impacting both its visual appeal and emotional resonance. 

The course sheds light on the functional attributes of fabrics, ensuring that design choices align with the practical requirements of durability, maintenance, and comfort. A thorough exploration of textiles also offers insights into their cultural and historical significance, enriching design narratives. The course equips students with the ability to navigate sustainable fabric options, contributing to eco-conscious design practices. 

With the textile industry in a constant state of evolution, staying adept in textiles is not only advantageous but necessary for designers to meet the dynamic demands of clients and the market. A comprehensive textile and fabric course empowers aspiring designers with a nuanced skill set that merges aesthetics with functionality, fostering creativity, and setting the stage for a successful career in interior design.


Our extensive program encompasses every facet of interior design, with a concentrated emphasis on Textile & Fabric, encompassing areas like History, Dyeing, Maintenance, and fabric types. As you complete this course, you'll cultivate the skills necessary to masterfully curate within the textile industry. This adeptness will equip you to seamlessly collaborate with architects, interior designers, and textile industries, enhancing your interdisciplinary prowess. Embark on this transformative journey by enrolling in our program today. Seize this moment to embark on your inaugural steps towards a gratifying and promising career path. The opportunity is ripe for the taking.


The online course on Textile & Fabric within the field of interior design is organized into three distinct modules, each spanning a duration of one month. Every module is enriched with a comprehensive collection of learning resources including PDF documents, instructional videos, and practical assignments. Throughout the course, participants are required to submit their completed tasks in accordance with the provided guidelines. Upon the culmination of the three modules, a final examination is administered. Successful completion of this exam leads to the conferment of a certificate awarded by the "FDA," signifying the fulfillment of the course requirements and a proficient understanding of the subject matter. This course structure offers a methodical and well-rounded approach to comprehending the intricate relationship between Textile & Fabric to interior design.



Certificate from GTU-CCE- FDA

The "Professional Certificate in Interior Design" program offered by Flagship Design Academy (FDA) has received approval from the Gujarat Technological University - Center for Continuing Education (GTU-CCE). Upon successfully completing this program, participants will receive a certificate issued by GTU and FDA.

But that's not all! FDA offers a diverse range of courses, and upon completing these courses, participants will also receive certificates directly issued by FDA.

This collaborative certification approach ensures that course pursued students not only receive recognition from a prestigious educational institution like GTU but also gain industry-recognized validation from FDA. Whether you're pursuing the "Professional Certificate in Interior Design" or exploring other design-related courses, FDA is committed to providing you with comprehensive education and official recognition for your achievements.

Embark on your educational journey with confidence, knowing that your efforts will be acknowledged by the FDA, setting you on a path of success in the dynamic field of design.