Can I learn an Interior Design Course Online ?

Can I learn an Interior Design Course Online ?

We know some of the questions right below are always surrounding you. 



Do you like designing homes and offices ? 

Is it your dream to explore your career as an Interior Designer ?

Are you ready to become the world's best Interior designer ?

Do I need a qualification for being an Interior Designer ? 

If your answer is "BIG YES"

Just spent 10min to read this article 


Being a creative person you always wish for a Professional Certificate with you so you can explore the field in a such a better way.  Once you decide to become a Professional Interior designer you need a proper academy to teach you A to Z about Interior Design.  


Learning Interior Design is an art to convert yourself into a creator. You are about to serve as an Interior Designer for someone's Home or Office. 


Become a Professional Interior Designer you need to learn this art with the best of the best academy. If you are working professionally or you are studying right now, but you want to learn interior designing courses on your flexible time. 


Learn Interior Design course Online 


Yes ! It is possible ! Yes,you can learn Interior Design course online mode 


Become Professional Certified  Interior Designer with Gujarat Technological University Certificate.Online Interior Design course offered by Flagship Design Academy in Collaboration with Gujarat Technological University.Certificate authorized in all organization


Course Title :  “Professional Certificate in Interior Design”

Duration : 12 Months 

Modules : 9 Modules

Mode      : Online Study

       Key Takeaway :

  •  Exclusively taught by Flagship Design Academy’s Highly Trained Faculty
  •  1-To-1 personalized student support.


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